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Leg 2018-4 Advocacy in Politics


Leg 2018-3 House Bill 456 Prohibit Nurse Mandatory Overtime


Leg 2018-1 AORN 2018 Policy Agenda


Leg 2017-11 HB 191–Support our CRNA colleagues


Leg 2017-10 OH Issue 2 Vote No


Leg 2017-9 OH Issue 2


Leg 2017-4 OH Nursing Shortages-Succession Planning


Leg 2017-3 How to Search OH Legislation for Nursing & Healthcare


Leg 2017-1 OH 132 Gen Assembly


Leg 2016-12 The Electoral College-Is it a Flawed System


Leg 2016-11 So What Happens after the Election


Leg 2016-10 New Proposed OBN Rulings about Nursing Education


Legislative 2016-4 USA Political Party System


Legislative 2016-3 Medical Marijuana


Leg 2016-1 Nurse Practice Act Renewal Language Passed


Legislative 2015-12 Finding Your Voice in Politics

Legislative 2015-10 HB216 Adv Practice RN

Leg 2015-9 RN Guilty HIPAA Violation

Leg 2015-5 RN Circulator

Leg 2015-4 AORN Election Results

Leg 2015-2 OH House & Senate Hlth Committees

Leg 2015-1 131st Gen Assembly

Leg 2014-12 OH 131 Gen Assembly Leaders

Leg 2014-11 Political History

Leg 2014-10 Fed EHR bill affects ASCs

Leg 2014-9 U Tube ANA Congress videos

Legislative 2014-5 OH House & Senate Candidates

Legislative 2014-4 Winners of AORN Elections in Chicago

Legislative 2013-12 Senate Bill 214 Surg Tech Bill

Legislative 2013-11 BeTheChangeOhioRN.Org

Legislative 2013-10 Health Related OH Bills

Legislative 2013-9 OH Board of Nursing

Legislative 2013-4 AORN Officers

Legislative 2013-2 Right to Vote AORN Ballot

Legislative 2012-12 Voting Results Are In

Legislative 2012-3 SB83

Leg 2011-10 Nov Ballot-Collective Bargaining & Hlth Care Freedom

Legislative 2011-8 Bills Update

Leg 2011-2 Senate Bill 5 Collective Bargaining

Leg 2010-12 Post Election Comments & Activities

Legislative 2010-10 RN Stats

Legislative 2010-9 ANA Delegates elect new President

Legislative 2010-5 Candidates

Legislative 2010-4 Obama signing Healthcare bill

Legislative 2010-3 Healthcare Insurance Updates

Legislative 2010-2 Healthcare Leadership

Legislative 2010-1 STERIS

Legislative 2009-10 Untrue Commercials

Legislative 2009-9 Healthcare Reform

Legislative 2009-5 Pt Abandonment for Pink Slip

Legislative 2009-4 AORN Legislative Priorities

Legislative 2009-2 Old RN Rules

Legislative 2009-1 Tobacco-free OH Threatened

Legislative 2008-5 HB-346

Legislative 2008-2 Grassroots

Legislative 2008-1 Legislative Priorities

Legislative 2007-12 HB346 Safe Staffing

Leg 2007-10 Gov recognizes Surg Tech Wk, Grassroots, OBN mod sed rule

Legislative 2007-9 Know State Rep & Senators


Leg 2007-5 ANA Pres Becky Patton Testifies, Rep Joyce Beatty (D) intro leg designat May Nurses Mo in OH


Legislative 2007-4 Senator Bill Harris 

Legislative 2007-3 Senator Brown

Legislative 2007-2 Governor

Legislative 2007-1 Tiberi

Legislative 2006-11 Triple O-Future Nursing in OH

Legislative 2006-10 Smoke

Legislative 2006-9 Campaigning for Favorite Legislator

Legislative 2006-5 Leg Update-Vote

Legislative  2006-4 RN-circulator

Legislative 2006-3 SmokeFreeOhio

Legislative 2006-2 Rep Beatty

Legislative 2006-1 RN-circulator

Legislative 2005-11 SmokeFreeOhio

Legislative 2005-10 RN-as-Circulator Legislation

Legislative 2005-9 85th anniversary 19th amendment

Legislative  2005-5 AORN Legislative Priorities 2005-06

Legislative 2005-4 Nurses Day at Statehouse

Legislative 2005-3 126th Starts with Bang

Legislative 2005-2 Legislative Issues Update


with Kay Ball, PhD, RN,  CNOR,FAAN



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