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President’s Message                       January 2019



Being a Delegate to AORN Expo

             It’s time to start planning to attend the AORN Expo in Nashville, TN, from Saturday, April 6, 2019 until Wednesday, April 10, 2019.  This is an exciting conference as it has never been held in Nashville (as far as I know…I’ve been attending since 1980).  The newly renovated Music City Center is the venue for this stimulating and informative event, right downtown where lots of food and fun are located.  If you would like to attend as a delegate from our chapter, you need to submit the Delegate Willingness-to-Serve form to me by January 3rd at kayball@aol.com.  Our chapter helps fund our delegates with the monies we’ve raised throughout the year.  The delegate must be able to attend the following: (these are the times in the Expo brochure and are subject to change)

             1st Forum – Sunday, April 7 (9:30-10:30AM)

             1st House of Delegates – Monday, April 8 (4:00-6:00pm)

             2nd Forum – Tuesday, April 9 (2-3PM)

             2nd House of Delegates – Wednesday, April 10 (11AM-2PM) This time also includes the Closing Session that occurs after the House of Delegates.

             If you are interested in attending the AORN Expo, our chapter would like you to consider being one of our delegates.  This is a honor for you as a professional.  I look forward to receiving your completed Delegate Willingness-to-Serve form.


AORN of Central Ohio President


President’s Message                  December 2018                                                            



What a great Perioperative Nurse Week Workshop we had on November 17, 2018 at the McConnell Heart Health Center!  Thanks again to Jean Abdul-Zahir and her helpers for making this a very successful educational event for our chapter.

                 As we enter into the holiday season, there are so many things that we all should be thankful for, including being blessed with our families, friends, and professional colleagues. Being grateful keeps us to be positive and productive.  Try writing every evening in a journal (or even just on a piece of paper) what you are grateful for that day.  Even if it’s a terrible day and nothing goes right, try writing down at least one good thing that you’re grateful for.  At the end of one month, review all of your grateful thoughts and see how it makes you feel.  Focusing on the “positive” will lift your spirits while keeping negativity in the background.  Negative thoughts and actions sap your energy and keep you from being successful and satisfied in life, whether you’re at work or home.  So as we immerse ourselves in the holiday festive season, remember all of those blessings you’ve received and the joy in your heart will be contagious to others.  “Tis the season to be merry!”

                 Our December 11th meeting is a very popular gathering to celebrate the season, continue to learn, and socialize with all of our colleagues and peers.  Cardinal Health is sponsoring this event while Dr. Brian Garrett will offer an entertaining and informative presentation on “Dealing with Difficult People in Healthcare.”  Being able to cope appropriately with the challenges of our work environments contributes to our sense of worth and self-actualization.  After Dr. Garrett’s presentation, we’ll have our famous “Silent Auction” with fun and memorable items.  Tickets are sold so that participants can deposit a ticket in the container of a desired item.  A ticket is then drawn and the winner is awarded the item.  The proceeds from this auction help to financially support our delegates to the AORN Expo which will be in Nashville, April 6-10, 2019.  See you at our December 11th meeting.


AORN of Central Ohio President


President’s Message                          11/2018

             I look forward to seeing all of you at our Saturday, November 17th meeting.  Details are in this November newsletter.  This is a special meeting for our local chapter and the brain-child of Chapter Secretary Jean Abdul-Zahir.  Thanks, Jean!  This meeting is a ½ day workshop to help us celebrate Perioperative Nurses Week.  Your role is to attend and to bring someone else who wants to learn more about AORN.  We want to recruit as many nurses as possible to attend this exciting event.

                 AORN is the professional organization that is the foundation of our practice.  Belonging to AORN provides valuable standards, practices, and innovations that are critical for our profession to succeed.  AORN formed my career as a surgical nurse.  Even as a novice nurse in 1975 when I first joined AORN, I was amazed at the networking, practice tips, and management skills I acquired through membership in this organization.   While in surgery orientation at Doctors Hospital North, my preceptor and educator told me, “belonging to AORN is a must!  I’ll see you at the next meeting.”  I was compelled to appear at this meeting and was welcomed by a group of passionate nurses who wanted me to succeed.  I joined immediately and grew professionally along with these fascinating leaders.  I watched Marg Meeker (at the time, OR Director at OSU) become national president of AORN in 1982-83.  I just had to follow her footsteps and became national AORN President in 1992-3.  What an amazing career I have had with AORN by my side for the entire adventure.

                 So bring a novice nurse or even a seasoned nurse to our November meeting so we can share our passion for perioperative nursing and AORN.  It’s very contagious!!!  There’s nothing more rewarding than to watch another nurse follow in your footsteps to help validate your lifelong chosen profession.  See you on November 17th!


AORN of Central Ohio President


President’s Message                          10/2018

In the Legislative Corner this month, I wrote about Ohio House Bill 456 - Improving Nurse Staffing and Patient Care in Ohio. This bill has been voted out of the House and has been introduced into the Senate. It prohibits hospitals from requiring an RN or LPN to work overtime as a condition of continued employment. Also the nurse can use his or her professional judgment in determining if he or she can safely continue to work. This presents a dilemma to nurses as sometimes we may not be able to realistically tell if we can deliver safe patient care. I feel hospitals need to provide detailed education for nurses to help them identify when they cannot safely provide patient care due to fatigue. Sometimes a perioperative nurse is on call after working an exhausting 8 hour shift, continues to work on emergency cases all through the night, and then is expected to work the next regularly scheduled day shift. Yes, a lot of overtime money is gained but is this really safe practices for the patient, and for the nurse? Be professionally responsible and realize when you need to speak up and say you may be compromised if you are expected to work more hours. This is your professional duty!


We hope to bring many educational presentations to you during this 2018-9 AORN of Central Ohio season. Our kick-off meeting on gender reassignment surgery on September 11th was extremely well attended and we’d like to extend our gratitude to Dr. McClung for an enlightening presentation and Medtronic for the delicious food!


At our October 9th meeting (see the flyer for this meeting at Brio’s), we will be voting on the minor changes we made in the Bylaws for our chapter. Vice President Linda Carifa will be chairing this meeting as I have been invited to speak on surgical smoke hazards at the New Zealand Operating Room Nurses meeting in Nelson, New Zealand, from October 11-14. I’ll bring greetings from AORN and our local chapter to our professional colleagues in New Zealand.


I hope we continue to grow in the numbers of perioperative nurses and nursing students who want to attend our meetings. If you have any creative idea on how to encourage meeting attendance, please feel free to reach out to me at kayball@aol.com or 614-975-4972. I’m always open for any new ideas.



AORN of Central Ohio (#3603) Chapter President


AORN of Central Ohio: Who are we?        9/2018


As I begin my Presidency of our local chapter, I thought a reminder of “who we are” would be very appropriate for my first President’s message. Below is the AORN mission, vision, and values that our local chapter will use to make decisions and plan events for our chapter.



Our mission is to promote safety and optimal outcomes for patients undergoing operative and other invasive procedures by providing practice support and professional development opportunities to perioperative nurses. AORN will collaborate with professional and regulatory organizations, industry leaders, and other health care partners who support the mission.



AORN will be the indispensable resource for evidence-based practice and education that establishes the standards of excellence in the delivery of perioperative nursing care.



COMMUNICATION: Open, Honest, Respectful
INNOVATION: Creative, Risk Taking, Leading Edge
QUALITY: Reliable, Timely, Accountable
COLLABORATION: Teamwork, Inclusion, Diversity


Our local chapter, AORN of Central Ohio (3603) was formed on January 1, 1965, and we have approximately 329 members. Our dedicated chapter officers and volunteers include the following:

President Kay Ball (2018-19) kayball@aol.com

Vice President Linda Carifa (2018-20) lands2@embarqmail.com

President-elect Donna Doyle (2018-19) djd43235@yahoo.com

Treasurer Paula Blue (2017-19) sisterno1@att.net

Recording Sec Gail Ramm (2018-20) GailRamm@att.net

Newsletter Sec Jean Abdul-Zahir (2018-20) jeanholston@yahoo.com

Board Lisa Fraraccio (2018-20) lisafraraccio@hotmail.com

Jeanne LaFountain (Past President) JKLRNFA1@aol.com

Webmaster MaryAnne Bentivegna mbentivegna@juno.com

Ohio Council Gail Ramm (2018-19) GailRamm@att.net

Kay Ball (2018-19) kayball@aol.com

Jeanne LaFountain (2018-19) JKLRNFA1@aol.com



We strive to provide engaging meetings with continuing education credit to help maintain your RN registration and certifications. We usually meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. If the meeting dates change, we will notify you in our monthly newsletters.


I look forward to seeing you at our meeting on September 11, 2018, at 6:30 PM, at Riverside Methodist Hospital in the Silver Tower Classroom S1599. This meeting will feature Dr. Christopher McClung who will speak on Gender Reassignment Surgery. Please see the flyer within this newsletter. We’re excited about the diverse topics and venues for our upcoming meetings.


We plan to email our newsletter during the first week of every month. This is our main avenue for communication along with our website (http://www.centralohioaorn.com/) which includes pertinent information and pictures for your review.


If you ever want to include something in our newsletter or on our website, please contact Jean Abdul-Zahir (newsletter secretary) and/or MaryAnne Bentivegna (Webmaster). Their email addresses are posted within this message.


I look forward to an exciting and stimulating year as your President. Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions. kayball@aol.com I love being a perioperative nurse. I hope this passion is contagious as we explore our profession and the difference we make!



AORN of Central Ohio (#3603) Chapter President

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